Bali, 11 Maret 2021 (PT. The Meat Emporium – Pelatihan Higiene dan Sanitasi)

Inhouse Training Hygiene and Sanitation

Bali, 11 Maret 2021 (PT. Meat Emporium)

Trainer: Mochamad Sutarsono, ST., MT.

Nomor SertificateNama Peserta
001-082-PPS/IT-JMKP/III/2021Brian Scott
002-082-PPS/IT-JMKP/III/2021Truong My Qui
003-082-PPS/IT-JMKP/III/2021Puja Sangrama WK
004-082-PPS/IT-JMKP/III/2021I Kadek Mudiarte
005-082-PPS/IT-JMKP/III/2021Nanang Nurjaman
006-082-PPS/IT-JMKP/III/2021Sri Dewi Juliani
007-082-PPS/IT-JMKP/III/2021Benny Djatwito
009-082-PPS/IT-JMKP/III/2021Muhammad Ghani Ikhwanda
010-082-PPS/IT-JMKP/III/2021Jati Indrapramasto
011-082-PPS/IT-JMKP/III/2021Rachmad W.

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